Say No To Wrenbury Village Centre Marina

Marinas are basically quarries with boats, so most importantly



What  if the marina went ahead but the developer runs out of funds ? Wrenbury will be left with a big muddy hole and Cheshire East will be under pressure to agree to any planning request simply to complete the development as it cannot be left unfinished. This could include boat building facilities, marina housing and workshops,  grocery sales etc


Planning permission with conditions ?


This would be unacceptable for the very reason above plus


How do you police these conditions ? It will be costly and not practical. The council would  have to divert valuable resources to deal with complaints and there could be conflict  between local residents and marina users which is unwanted.



You do not have to live here to object, you may be passionate about the countryside, against light pollution, have to negotiate busy roads going to school, value English Village life or simply be proud of our heritage. If you wish to be kept updated follow us on Twitter or send an email to be on our mailing list to