Say No To Wrenbury Village Centre Marina

Sounds idyllic doesn’t it a marina, well marinas are really industrial sites with a basket full of activities that add up to a noisy environment. Sound is amplified over water making even more of a nuisance.


Activities include :-


  1. DIY boat fitting
  2. Sanding down of metal prior to bottom blacking and painting
  3. Engine running. Boats need to run their engines to charge their batteries, Static boats will often run their engines for 2 – 3 hours and there are no restrictions on boat engine decibels,  some vintage engines are very loud.
  4. Hire fleet maintenance and weekly turnaround noise
  5. Pump out of sewage from boat tanks
  6. Diesel sales




Add to this


  1. Boats are easy pickings for thieves, most boats will have a burglar alarm and these are easily activated with water movement. Boat owners will often be miles away or even abroad.
  2. There will be unsightly security fencing around the perimeter
  3. There will be lighting all along the pontoons for safety and security
  4.  There will be a mound of earth spoiling the views of Wrenbury Church for visitors


You do not have to live here to object, you may be passionate about the countryside, against light pollution, have to negotiate busy roads going to school, value English Village life or simply be proud of our heritage . If you wish to be kept updated follow us on Twitter or send an email to be on our mailing list to