Say No To Wrenbury Village Centre Marina

Adverse Effect On Local Businesses


The proposed marina will remove from the village the very facilities that make Wrenbury an attractive destination for holiday makers.


  1. The removal of towpath visitor moorings. The entrance to the marina will remove towpath moorings that are the life blood for local businesses. Several boat lengths will be lost and restrictions will be in place to allow boat movements into and out of the marina. I walk this towpath 4 – 5 times a week and it is often full in summer. Visitors will not moor in the proposed marina,  green, quiet towpath moorings are preferred. Visiting boats may move on anyway even if space is available because of the marinas intrusion. This will be a loss of revenue for local businesses.
  2. Even more alarming the existing camp site will lose many pitches and this is the life blood of The Cotton Arms. It is packed in the summer and the revenue is vital to take the pub through the quiet winter months. Plus people will think twice about using the pitches still available during the construction phase ( who wants to spend a holiday next to a construction site that will be there for two years ? ) People will try other camp sites and may well never return once they have explored other options.
  3. If the marina does get approval the number of boat movements will increase. The Lllangollen Canal is already congested with lengthy waits at Grindley Brook and Llangollen.  Canal holiday makers often have time restraints and need to return their boats on time so delays could well see holiday makers choosing a less congested route to avoid delays .. hence another area of lost revenue for local businesses
  4. The assumption by the marina proposers that marina users will boost income in our shop and pubs is misguided. I have owned a boat on our canals for 25 years. When we used our boat we ( along with all the other marina users ) bought our shopping from a large supermarket and took it to the marina by car. We then took the boat from the marina and travelled away. Only occasionally did we stay in the marina and even if we did we still brought our food with us and just visited the shop for a newspaper or milk and that was about it


We need our local pubs and village shop, there will be job losses and we may even lose a business. This is a very serious consequence,  the marina proposers indicate new jobs, but look at the full picture, a serious loss of visitors over the proposed construction period and loss of income for existing businesses to be replaced with very seasonal marina jobs probably equating to 1 or 2 full time jobs at most. I think the net effect will be job losses.


In short a marina will remove the very reasons holiday makers come to Wrenbury. Instead of being a holiday destination, it will become a collection point for canal users setting off to other parts of the canal network.


You do not have to live here to object, you may be passionate about the countryside, against light pollution, have to negotiate busy roads going to school, value English Village life or simply be proud of our heritage . If you wish to be kept updated follow us on Twitter or send an email to be on our mailing list to