Say No To Wrenbury Village Centre Marina

18th November .. Already I have had lots of favourable comments about this site and some of you have highlighted issues I have not raised. This page contains a list of your concerns which I have not mentioned, but which are equally important. Thank you for your feedback .. keep it coming.



1. A point not sofar mentioned is the fact that the canal is the drinking water for Wrenbury and Nantwich areas - this could be a disaster waiting to happen with pollution from canal users - spilt fuel,toilet waste, paint and detergent spillage from boat maintenance and general site rubbish arer all potential hazards to our pure water supply.This is an extremely important aspectof the proposed developement. Concerned local resident


2. Hi Paul, Just a link re the A530 and how dangerous it is and this will be the main route into Wrenbury Click here


3. I've worked on canal restorations (the Ashton canal in the 70s) but worry about all the new marinas that are popping up.  I didn't see your website saying much about additional traffic that would inevitably travel on minor roads. Email from a Nantwich resident


4. 55% of marinas are not making a profit ! Read the article here Sent to me by a Wrenbury resident


You do not have to live here to object, you may be passionate about the countryside, against light pollution, have to negotiate busy roads going to school, value English Village life or simply be proud of our heritage . If you wish to be kept updated follow us on Twitter or send an email to be on our mailing list to