Say No To Wrenbury Village Centre Marina



This website is intended to help objectors to planning application no 14/1579N - plans for a marina in the heart of Wrenbury Village, Cheshire.


Update June 2105


I have just heard today 18th June that Wrenbury Village Centre marina plans have been approved by the inspector and the plans for Wrenbury Heath declined.


We had a public meeting at Wrenbury Village Hall On Wednesday 20th of November nearly 100 concerned residents turned out to voice their concerns.Two images of how the proposal might look can be seen here


The implications of such a plan, if successful, would have a detrimental effect on Wrenbury, surrounding villages, local businesses and the counties through which the Llangollen Canal passes. All views are my own and I have no connection with any council, committee or organisation.


1. Read what people say about the plans, who are visitors to Wrenbury and spend money in the local economy here

2. Read about failing marinas here

3. Read what the waterways press are saying about marinas on The Llangollen here


I am against this application, I live in Wrenbury. The plans will affect me, but they have big implications for everyone in the village and surrounding areas, I want to share my concerns with you all. You are free to use the information within these pages. I have been associated with canals for thirty years, I have volunteered on canal restorations, been a volunteer lockkeeper, organised litter picks and cleanups on many occasions and spent many holidays on our canals. I have lived on a boat in a marina so feel I do have knowledge to share.


Please bookmark this site, the content will hopefully increase as time goes on, you are welcome to contribute too please email me at


Paul Sweeney, Wrenbury, Cheshire. September 2014  


Update :- I have had lots of favourable comments about this site and some of you have raised issues I have not mentioned. So click here to read these equally valid objections


You do not have to live here to object, you may be passionate about the countryside, against light pollution, have to negotiate busy roads going to school, value English Village life or simply be proud of our heritage . If you wish to be kept updated follow us on Twitter or send an email to be on our mailing list to